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Imagining Venice

Youíve been to Venice, and loved it, or youíre going soon, and youíre thinking that what you need is to sample, or wallow in, some novels and films set in this most fascinating and varied of cities. Well, this is the book for you. It begins with a darn comprehensive list of the novels that have been set in Venice, followed by my reviews of the ones that Iíve read, which number well over 100. Then there are my reviews of 50-odd films that have set in Venice, including TV films and series. Here, for the sake of completeness, Iíve also reported on some films Iíve only heard or read about. Both sections are fascinatingly varied, genre-wise. The books include science fiction, young adult fiction and crime novels, and the films include porn, tacky rom-coms and giallo. Itís all here! This is a collected, reformatted, amended, and portable version of the Venice-related pages on this website as of 2011.

ISBN: 9781908603432
Pages: 145
Published: 15 December 2011

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  Jeff in Venice

Seven trip reports taken from this website. Each sees our hero fearlessly exploring the city's churches, islands, gelateria and cake shops. Revised and portable. Illustrated with lovely colour photographs taken by the author.

Pages: 118
Published: December 21, 2009


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Introduced by
Jeff Cotton
creator of
Fictional Cities

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Published by Intellect on 15th March 2013

An extensive survey of the films set and made in Venice, from a voyage up the Grand Canal shot in 1896 through classics like Summertime, Death in Venice and Donít Look Now, to tosh like The Tourist. Includes several entries and a (heavily edited) essay written by me.

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