This is not a site about imaginary cities, it's a site about how our reading spices up our ideas of real cities and then combines with our memories to make up our mental maps. We all have places we love and like to read novels and watch films about them. Mine are London, Venice and Florence and so I made this site, dealing with all sorts of fiction set in these three cities.

Each city now has its share of indulgent side pages too dealing with, for example, London's cakes, Lost Florence and Venice's cats.

I've also been writing trip reports as a service to travellers who share my enthusiasm for cats, cakes, ice cream and art.
The most recent trips to the site's cities were
Florence in 2013 and Venice in 2013 & March 2014.
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You remember that film about Effie and John Ruskin, which did much filming in Venice in 2011, the Emma Thompson one, which has had several release dates, and scheduled film festival screenings, all cancelled due to legal challenges and the like? Well it was due out next month, but it is now tentatively set for September 2014 release. Our Emma has been interviewed a lot lately, about other films just released, but she seems not to have mentioned Effie even once. It has been shown, though, privately as part of a symposium at the Barbican in March and the scant reports from that showing have been positive.

Just back from a sociable and stimulating guided trip around
Ravenna and Bologna
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Upcoming reviews news - I've nearly finished the new Brunetti, so expect that in the next day or so, a copy of La Venexiana, a 1986 Italian film best described as erotica, has come my way, and I've chanced the purchase of a couple of newish Venice-set e-books. The film has Jason Connery as its male lead, with two Italian actresses not known for their ability to remain clothed in the two lead female parts.

I've been back from Venice almost a week now, but still the ankle-twist pain twinges on. It's not all honey being a middle-aged post-early-retirement art junky and serial trip-taker, I can tell you. But positivity and looking forward are our things so...we're mere days away from this year's Donna Leon Brunetti novel, called By Its Cover, hot cross bun and simnel cake season is upon us, the weather's warming up, and a new series of Da Vinci's Demons has just started, with everyone's favourite womanising bed-hopping hunk doing what he can to survive in post-Pazzi Conspiracy Florence. Expect the usual quota of swell bosoms, plush gowns, gore and frown-inducing historical inaccuracy.


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